The MSI MEG X399 Creation Motherboard Review: The New 16-Phase Shark In Town

With the highly anticipated launch of AMD’s second generation Threadripper processors, it gives motherboard vendors the incentive and justification to release more boards. As there aren’t tons of Threadripper 2-validated boards to currently choose from, MSI has released the new MEG X399 Creation with content creators and designers the targeted focus. This review aims to explore what the X399 Creation has to offer and see what all the fuss is about.

The MSI MEG X399 Creation is an E-ATX form factor motherboard on AMD’s X399 chipset and has a variety of features specifically aimed towards professional users and content creators such as dual Intel Gigabit LAN, integrated 2T2R Wave 2 capable Wi-Fi, and it also has support for Bluetooth 5. The MEG X399 Creation has a very unique design which takes shades of MSI’s own X399 SLI Plus and combines it with the silvery overall look seen on their Titanium range. The PCB itself is black with silver colored patterning which mirrors that of the black and silver design of the heatsinks. Integrated into the board at various points including the rear IO cover, the chipset heatsink and underneath the SATA ports is RGB LEDs which can be controlled, customized and synced together with MSI’s Mystic Light software.

The new AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors do bring an added number of cores and threads in comparison to the first generation of Threadripper, with the workstation-focused Threadripper 2990WX in particular doubling AMD’s core and thread count versus the original Threadripper 1950X processor. While there are core differences as outlined within our Threadripper 2 review, there admittedly isn’t anything definitively new with the MEG X399 Creation that last year’s launch X399 boards couldn’t have included. Instead, MSI has opted to go all-out on features and has gone to extreme measures to fill out as much of the available E-ATX PCB space as they could with the aim to produce one of the most feature packed AMD motherboards physically possible.

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