The average “lifetime” of an Android machine is 1.6 years, and the iPhone is 3.7 years. What would you choose?

How long can an iPhone be used? Some friends are still using the iPhone 6 series. How long does the iPhone last? Recently, the well-known data survey agency Statista released an interesting statistic: iPhone 6s users accounted for 16% and 19% in 2015 and 2016, respectively, and still accounted for 7.5% of the total number of users 3 years after its release. It is the longest-lived phone in Apple’s history.
What is the difference in life between iPhone and Android phones? According to the data, the average “ life ” of the iPhone is 3.7 years, while the “ life ” of Android is only 1.6 years. Analysts said that the current iPhone processor is in the category of excess performance, and the processor performance far exceeds the actual use scenario requirements.
The iPhone ’s performance in system optimization is better than that of Android phones. These factors are one of the performance factors for the overall “lifetime” improvement of the iPhone. This is why many users are willing to pay more for the iPhone.
If you still have the iPhone 4S in your hands, regardless of the limitations of the current processor, the iPhone 4S can still be used smoothly today, and most of the Android phones of the same period can no longer be used normally. Of course, with the continuous progress and development of science and technology, there are some Android phones that are also very good.
Finally, first of all, do you choose an iPhone with a longer life or an Android with a higher playability? used iPhone 6 price in Kenya

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