Some of the most common tricks sellers use when buying a U.S. iPhone

In China, us version of the iPhone has become a highly concerned version due to the price advantage, but in the domestic market, us version of the iPhone sellers are mixed, it is easy to be shoddy if consumers do not carefully identify, it is easy to be cheated, suffered losses, let’s take a look at us version of the iPhone sellers of the most common set of lies.
Lie 1 — “all our devices need to be activated, and the unactivated devices cannot enter the country”
This sentence is almost the most frequently used when buying us iPhone, with many sellers replying to a question about whether us device is active or not. As we all know, to determine whether an iPhone is not a new device, it is usually through the serial number query on the official website. If the query is not activated, it must be a new device. Many users ask friends who have traveled to the United States to help them buy a cheaper iPhone, and when they return home, friends may activate the device before they pass the customs to avoid taxes.
However, for merchants, there is no such thing as “clearance activation”. American devices are not the only ones to enter domestic sales channels. And even if the water passenger carries the non-activated device to pass the customs, due to the limited energy and time, they usually will not choose to activate, and the activated device is very easy to depreciate.
Therefore, “us devices need to be activated, and non-activated devices cannot enter the country” is usually the seller at the end of the sale. In order to sell the refurbished equipment and second-hand equipment as new devices, the seller can deceive the consumers who do not know the truth to buy the equipment and fabricate a plausible lie based on nothing.
Lie no. 2 — “this is a brand new device that is only enabled by customs, not used at all”
The seller usually says the first sentence, which is usually followed by the next, to emphasize that the device is still “brand new” even though it is activated but has no trace of use.
As we have learned from the above, the so-called “American devices need to be activated, and the unactivated devices cannot enter the country” is a lie fabricated by the seller, so there will not be “devices only activated in the customs clearance” in the channel. The domestic market does exist some recently activated American version of the new machine, activation time is very short, and the only difference with the new device is not enough to warranty period, most of this kind of equipment is shipped to the country, in order to facilitate the direct use of domestic operators network, activated in advance.
In order to cover their own sales of second-hand refurbished equipment, some sellers will fabricate the claim that us version of the device is normal for a few dozen days with a 10-month warranty. This device is not really a new machine at all, but a second-hand counterfeit device, which is described by the seller as a brand new device sold to a buyer who doesn’t know what’s going on.
Lie no. 3 — “us equipment has been insured and there is no official warranty”
Any version of the new equipment, you can query the serial number through the official website, the official website warranty time. Even for recently activated devices, the warranty is only a few days short and will not be overinsured.
For some American devices that meet the warranty conditions, if there are quality problems during the warranty period, they can also be repaired in part of Apple stores in China or at their own expense. The refurbished used equipment cannot be guaranteed by the third party authorized after-sales service or the Genius bar, or even refused to provide paid maintenance.
Until now, the second-hand equipment as a new device to cheat consumers is still widespread on the Internet and in many places of the electronic city, the entire electronic city is only sold second-hand equipment and refurbished equipment, this is the seller of the “American version of the body and back has been insured, no official warranty” the real reason. This is also the main reason why consumers have long considered the quality of American equipment to be poor: they think they bought a brand new machine, only to refurbish second-hand equipment, not only with quality problems but also lost the official warranty.
Although many stores advocate the equipment to enjoy the “store warranty”, but after the equipment occurs, often all the problems will be put off to the user incorrect use of the way, the user can only choose to repair at his own expense. If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 6s plus, used iPhone 8 plus, used iPhone Xs Max on sale in Energyitshop!

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