Mobile phone prices will increase this year! Samsung shows promise: UFS3.1 + 150 million cameras are here

In previous articles, Xiaozhi has told you many times that this year’s mobile phone prices have been rising steadily, and the average increase has been a little less than a thousand, and the high has even reached more than two thousand. Many people have complained to Xiaozhi that this year’s mobile phone is really unaffordable and too expensive. In fact, Xiaozhi also told you the reason for the collective price increase of mobile phones this year. On the one hand, it is naturally because of bad times.
As a result, the marketing costs of various artificial channels have risen, but the main reason is that the purchase price of mobile phone components has increased significantly, which has a lot to do with the rapid increase in mobile phone configuration. We can compare the configuration of this year’s flagship phone with last year’s flagship phone.
Everyone will find that this year ’s flagship mobile phone is far more than last year ’s flagship mobile phone in terms of processor, memory storage chip specifications, camera parameters, battery capacity and fast-charging power, and this is also the consumer ’s mobile phone experience It is driven by the increasing requirements, so the price of mobile phones is naturally higher and higher. But is this year’s flagship phone configuration terminated?
Obviously not. This year’s mobile phone configuration war has not really started yet, and the good news is still in the second half of the year! Just today, Samsung, the number one mobile phone supply chain, came with new news, and got two new technologies! The first is the mass production of UFS3.1 flash memory.
There are three capacities of 128G / 256G / 512G, and its continuous write speed exceeds 1.2GB / s, which is three times the UFS3.0 specification adopted by the mainstream flagship Xiaomi 10, etc., and has lower power consumption. The other is the improvement of mobile phone camera pixels. At present, Samsung’s own S20 Ultra and Xiaomi 10 series use 100 million pixel lenses, but Samsung is not satisfied. Last year, it has been developing in secret.
The 1-inch sensor-size 150-megapixel camera Nonacell sensor can combine 9 pixels into 1 pixel and achieve higher light absorption. At present, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo have ordered 150 million cameras from Samsung, and they may appear as soon as the second half of this year or early next year!
In addition, the screen lens may be fixed in the second half of this year, and TSMC’s 5nm process processor will also debut in the second half of the year. Xiaozhi said that although these configuration improvements can bring dazzling parameter improvements, the real user perception may not be very strong. The negative effect brought by it is definitely the further rise in the price of mobile phones. The price of flagship phones in the second half of the year will reach a new high!

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