Melbourne police locks up two suspects of burglary with help from Apple’s Find app

With the help of Apple’s “Find My” app, local police in Melbourne, Australia locked two suspects of burglary, but both died in a traffic accident during the arrest. Citing the Sydney Morning Herald, Vaatoa Chang, 29, and Jonas Montealegre, 36, recently robbed a house and stole two cars and an iPad with the “Find My” feature enabled.
The owner then called the local police, who quickly locked a local hotel through the iPad’s location information. However, the two of them were changing vehicles at the site at that time, so after the police arrived at the scene, they tracked for 2 hours based on the location of the Find My app, and they have crossed Melbourne.
After the police used nail strips to make the fleeing vehicle leak, the man inside the vehicle tried to hijack two other cars on the road. The police started a second hunt, but this time did not last so long.
The Herald Morning was quoted as saying that the man had stolen a dilapidated Toyota Kluger from a hotel, collided with a semi-trailer at 62 mph during the escape, and eventually both suspects were killed in the accident. Police said the drivers of the trucks and other vehicles involved in the crash were only slightly injured.
The incident occurred on February 4, but police have not revealed full details of the hunt until recently. This is not the first time the “Find My” application has helped police kill criminals.

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