Make the iPhone become Android in one second, this software is really wild

1As we all know, the Android system is characterized by open source, you can install various plug-ins, high playability, suitable for friends who like toss.
The Apple iOS system next door is relatively closed compared to the Android system, but relying on the high degree of uniformity of software and hardware, the overall experience is very smooth.

Xiao Lei thought long ago that if his mobile phone can use both Android and iOS systems, it would be good to enjoy both the freedom of Android and the high-quality apps exclusive to iOS.
But it’s just a random idea. I don’t care about thinking about it.

After all, the difference between the two systems is very large, even deadly. Want to combine them to form a dual system? That must be okay.

Unexpectedly, in reality, someone really realized the idea of ​​Xiao Lei.
iPhone running Android 10
Although there is very little need for iOS jailbreak now, there are still some friends who want to achieve freedom in iOS and have been insisting on studying jailbreak.
There are only two jailbreak tools for iOS 13, unc0ver and Checkra1n.
A few days ago, Xiao Lei learned that a great god abroad used the Checkra1n jailbreak tool and a rooted Android phone to jailbreak the iPhone.

Some friends may think this is already amazing. The two systems are actually linked to hardware.
Xiao Lei wanted to say that this was nothing, after a few days something even more amazing happened.
The Checkra1n jailbreak team updated the jailbreak tool version today and added the SandCastle (sandbox) plan.

Some friends maybe a little hesitant, Xiao Lei will explain briefly:
SandCastle is actually a project to install Android 10 on the iPhone using a jailbreak vulnerability.
The Android system installed on the iPhone is not a virtual machine or a separate presentation interface, but a real, working Android system.
And the installed Android system is independent of the iOS system, installed in another partition of the phone, will not affect the original iOS.
As soon as this plan was released, many people later flashed their iPhones to Android 10.

Seeing the Android interface appear on the iPhone, it seems like dawn to realize the dual system aspirations …
Xiao Lei continued to study for a while, this method can indeed be applied to the real Android system, but it doesn’t feel right.

The first is that this method is still in the beta test phase. There are still many bugs in the Android system running on the iPhone.
For example, a lot of functions such as GPU, audio, Bluetooth, mobile network, and the camera cannot work normally, so it cannot be used as a daily system.
The second is that this method is limited to three devices: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPod touch 7.
Although the Apple A-series processor is very popular, the flagship Android processor of the same period is Snapdragon 835.
Of course, the goose and processor are not limited to iPhone storage, iPhone 7 Plus only 3G storage, iPhone 7 is even worse, only poor 2G.
It is important to know that Android is different from iOS. IOS requires relatively few storage requirements, while Android requires relatively large requirements.
We also saw in the video that the iPhone 7 with 2G storage running Android 10 was very difficult to run and became a PPT directly.
So the method of installing the Android system on the iPhone is only for the time being, and it is far from normal daily use.
Android phone running iOS
Xiao Lei feels that running Android on the iPhone is a bit crap.
After all, iOS is the core of the iPhone. If you can get Android phones to flash iOS, it is really good.
In fact, before the iPhone successfully installed the Android system, Android phones also had examples of running iOS successfully.
This is a company called Corellium (also the company behind the Checkra1n jailbreak tool mentioned above) that has launched an iOS simulator.
We see quite a lot of iOS simulators, but many of them can’t run the App Store, and their functions are somewhat lacking.
So Cornelius is great at copying a complete iOS to the simulator, and it does not require high configuration, and it can run when you open the webpage.

The best thing is that as long as the Android phone on your hand has a network, Corellium can use the cloud to let you run the iOS system smoothly according to the phone.

In other words, any Android phone, whether it is cheap or expensive, can use the iOS system as long as it is connected to the Internet.
Such a high profile, of course, caught Apple’s attention.
Shortly after its launch, Apple issued a lawsuit warning that Corellium authorized so-called users by providing unauthorized products.

So you know the ending, this iOS simulator that is a little bit bad will slowly cool down afterward…
iPhone running Windows
Now that both iOS and Android can be used for each other, there is no problem running Windows on the phone.
However, it is still a virtual machine, running Windows on iPhone or iPad.
Xiao Lei learned that the virtual machine named UTM is above iOS 11 and implements the Win system running on iOS through App.

What’s more, this Win virtual machine does not need to jailbreak, just install the app after installing the description file.
Xiao Lei took a look at the video that broke the news, and the reduction was really high.

Since it is a simulator, of course, there are common problems with simulators. There are many bugs, which are suitable for occasional play.
So if you want to turn your iPad or iPhone into a Win system production tool, let’s not expect too much.
Dual-platform solution is temporarily unavailable
As for whether you can achieve “iOS and Android dual systems” on one phone in the future?
Xiaolei believes that is unlikely. As for the reason, it is still Apple.
We all know that Apple’s biggest selling point is iOS. It is precisely because the iPhone is highly integrated in software and hardware that it has a smooth experience.

If you ask Apple to let go of the killer iOS, it is equivalent to breaking his money.
Coupled with the uneven configuration of Android phones, it is difficult for Apple to ensure that iOS on Android can achieve the same experience on the original iPhone.
So the desire to use the dual system normally, as long as Apple is still selling well and does not need to sell iOS to earn license fees, let’s not think about it. used iPhone 6s price in kenya

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