iOS 13.2.2 authentication channel is closed. Can iOS 13.2.3 be downgraded?

Whenever Apple closes the verification channel for an iOS version, it means that users will no longer be able to downgrade the device back to that system version through the Ace Assistant. Unfortunately, Apple officially closed the verification channel for iOS 13.2.2 this morning, which means that devices that have been upgraded to iOS 13.2.3 can no longer be downgraded to lower versions.
However, on the other hand, closing the iOS 13.2.2 authentication channel is also a happy thing, which shows that the official version of iOS 13.3 is already on its way.
iOS 13.2.2 is an urgent minor update introduced after Apple released iOS 13.2, mainly to fix bugs, including improvements to issues such as RAM management and cellular data performance. And iOS 13.2.3 is also mainly for fixing bugs, including fixing bugs in system applications such as “Mail”, “Files” and “Memo”, and the problem that apps may not be able to download content in the background. Although downgrading is a necessary means for some users who encounter problems after upgrading the new version of the system, this is why Apple usually waits for several weeks before shutting down. But maybe there are too many bugs in iOS 13.2.2. Apple wants to release the official version of iOS 13.3 as soon as possible, so it is so fast to close the iOS 13.2.2 certification channel.
iOS 13.3 has reached the third beta, and improvements include screen time now limited by contact settings, new options to turn off the Memoji keyboard in settings, changes to the Apple Watch display style, and more. I believe iOS 13.3 will not let everyone down. used iphone 6s plus

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