How to identify the ipad after recycling as a refurbisher

Recycling ipad is becoming more and more popular. Many people want to recycle the old ipad and buy a new one. But at the same time, many people are also worried about what will happen to the ipad after recycling? Are you going to make it into a reconditioning machine and sell it to us? In view of this problem, here, teach everyone to identify the method of refurbishing machine, later don’t be afraid of the ipad after recycling made refurbishing machine and fall for!
1. Get the IPAD and find the serial number of the IPAD
2, log in apple’s official website, find the query serial number, enter the serial number
3, if your machine is not activated, this is not easy maintenance date, if your machine is your activation, + 1 year maintenance period for your activation date, if you have not activated, but due to have maintenance time, subtract 1 year is you of the activation date, at the same time, it can conclude that your machine is a refurbished machines, ~ ~ ~
How’s that? Easier, right? In fact, to identify the refurbished machine is so simple, in the second remind everyone, the ipad recycling need to find a regular way and regular tablet computer recycling network for recycling, so that they are at ease, the price is high, also not afraid of flow to the refurbished machine market!

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