Goodbye iOS 9: Apple stops verifying iOS 9.3.5 and 10.0.1

It has been more than a month since the official version of iOS 10 was launched. In the face of this iOS ’s most updated iOS system, users have been mixed. Previous users may find that their performance is not as expected after upgrading to iOS 10. Realize “self-help” by downgrading iOS 9.3.5, but starting today, friends who have upgraded iOS 10 will say goodbye to iOS 9.
According to Weifeng’s query of the Apple system verification query channel, Apple has quietly stopped the verification channel for the iOS 9.3.5 system today, which means that users who have upgraded to iOS 10 are no longer connected with iOS 9. These users I can only stay obediently in the iOS 10 system.
In addition, Apple also closed the verification channel of iOS 10.0.1 system today, which means that users of iOS 10.0.2 and above can’t downgrade back to iOS 10.0.1. The latest system version for iPhone 7 users is iOS 10.0.3, while the latest system version for non-iPhone 7 users is iOS 10.0.2.
Compared with iOS 9, iOS 10 has a certain degree of improvement in features and interface. If your device is not (iOS 9) a jailbroken device, then upgrading iOS 10 is in most aspects for most users. acceptable.

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