Global smartphone market is unsatisfactory

Beijing time March 3 news, recently a well-known investigation agency Strategy Analytics released a new smart phone market report. The report shows that affected by the new coronavirus, Strategy Analytics continued to reduce its smartphone shipments this year.
Global smartphone market is unsatisfactory
It is believed that various foundries will be affected by the new coronavirus, and global smartphone shipments in 2020 will be 10% lower than expected (pre-epidemic forecast). In addition, China’s smartphone shipments will decrease by 15%, and smartphone shipments in all regions will decline year-on-year.
Previously, the well-known market research company IDC also released a forecast report, which pointed out that the new coronavirus will have a great negative impact on the entire smartphone market. In 2020, the global smartphone market will decline by 2.3%, and shipments The volume is slightly over 1.3 billion.
Looking at the first half of 2020 alone, the smartphone market will also decline by 10.6% year-on-year. However, IDC also mentioned that global smartphone shipments will usher in another increase in 2021, partly because of the increasing focus on 5G. However, the logistics and manufacturing industries, which are decisive for smartphone production, will take some time to recover.

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