Foreign media: entry-level iPhone performs well, and Apple should launch a “mid-range”

According to ZDNet news, the global smartphone market has experienced a decline in sales. When Apple and Samsung were considering how to stimulate the increasingly weak sales of mobile phones, Huawei achieved double-digit growth. According to data from analyst firm Gartner, Huawei’s smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2019 increased by 26% over the same period last year.
According to the report, Gartner analyst Roberta Cozza said that consumers are also experiencing pricing fatigue and that there is less and less desire to buy those phones that are not innovative enough but have been priced at four digits (US dollars) for a long time. Pricing is more than $ 1,000, but there is not much innovation, and consumers do not understand where the motivation for upgrading is, “Koza said.
Apple ’s best-selling phone last year was the iPhone XR. The price of $ 649 was only an entry-level price compared to the iPhone XS / Max, but it’s market performance was far stronger than the iPhone XS / Max. ZDNet mentioned the current status of the mid-range mobile phone market, saying that the hardware specifications of mid-range mobile phones produced by brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and Huawei are not much different from Samsung Apple, but their prices are much cheaper than the latter two.
“Samsung is aware of the shift in user purchase intentions,” Koza said. “This is why Samsung is more aggressively entering the mid-range market.”-Samsung released a number of mid-range models this year. Compared to the high price of the S series Note series, the market performance of these mid-range models is also very good.
Affected by competitors, Apple reduced the national prices of some iPhones, iPads, Macs and AirPods by nearly 6% in 2018, because iPhone sales in China were “below expectations”.
ZDNet believes that Apple should learn from Samsung and Huawei. Although Apple is reducing costs or offering discounts in some regions, “this is not enough to stimulate global market demand.” In summary, Zdnet’s point is clear, or the iPhone is priced too high. Similar to the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, compared to the iPhone XS or 11 Pro, it is indeed a “mid-range” price, but it is a flagship configuration. , Said it is to force the mid-range machine market or hope that Apple can change its pricing strategy. used iPhone xs Max

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