Do you think the upcoming iPhone 9 is worth starting?

Is the iPhone 9 worth buying? It doesn’t make much sense to buy an iPhone 9 this year unless it is a loyal iPhone user or for feelings.
The iPhone 9 has been released for a long time and will be released in the first half of this year, mainly to attract the attention of mobile phone users who like small screens. On the other hand, the price of iPhones is getting higher and higher, and Apple ’s mobile phones are facing increasing sales pressure. It is necessary to create low-cost and cheap mobile phones to attract older iPhone users without leaving the circle of iPhones.
Smaller and smaller mobile phones are almost extinct, but there are still some users who stick to small 4.7-inch screens such as iPhone6, iPhone SE, iPhone 8. This part of the old users has not spent money to upgrade is also anxious for Apple, this has not come up with the iPhone9 and other small-screen low-cost phones to attract them to pay for the upgrade.
iPhone9 is only a small upgrade version of the iPhone8, there is no bright spot. The main thing is to use A13 + 3GB storage to enhance performance on the basis of the iPhone8. But apart from that, the iPhone 9 and iPhone 8 came out of one mold. The 4.7-inch LCD screen, no face recognition, no full screen, and battery life has not changed. Set 12 million single-lens lens, there is also a home physical key on the front.
In particular, up to now, more and more attention has been paid to taking photos, battery life, and screen fingerprints. However, the iPhone has not changed much in these areas, and the old models have been replaced with little content and sold. However, compared to other iPhones, the price of the iPhone 9 is relatively suitable, only about 3,000 yuan. However, in terms of experience, it is more willing to spend more than 3,000 yuan to buy an Android machine. Article transferred from used iPhone 6 price in  Kenya

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