Do you know why Apple Inc. has a folding screen? What is the reason!

Apple ’s latest development project pconline information, recently foreign media reports, I heard that Apple may be developing a new technology that can use face recognition function authentication to unlock the car light, this series of touch screen modes are designed in the front On the board, the problem of the inconvenient operation of the vertical screen after folding is solved by the flip structure, and the most commonly used A4 size paper is used. The foldable entry carton that must be unfolded is more compact and compact. For the performance of the design, the USPTO USPTO just passed a patent from Apple Inc. called the built-in infrared diode interactive display. This patent allows Apple ’s device to obtain the user ’s fingerprint information directly from the screen. Like the current iPhone, an extra fingerprint design system is needed, and there is a second-generation apple pencil and magnetic design. Many iPhones or iPads may be used to display the complete video on all screens. Wall, the remaining power of the pen can be displayed on the screen at the same time, you can switch back and forth by double-clicking the button Style.
What kind of mobile phone do you like in your work? Apple has described in detail in the patent how to hide the camera under the screen of the device. The function of the icon is to display the state of battery power. Let ’s look at it in Apple ’s style. It is completely made according to the appearance of a new generation of iPads. Future iPhones or other Apple devices can automatically detect when they are close and then assist in working to display images among all the devices. After Apple ’s sensors are completed, I do n’t know if it will become part of a brand new device or be included in Apple Watch or really similar products. These devices will be controlled and integrated into a system so that our consumers can make smart products through the network. Start working as instructed by the host. In particular, you can use flexible substrates to make screens for mobile electronic devices or touch sensor screens. The edges of the screen or touch sensor screens like Apple can be bent.
You know the software on the mobile phone. In the mode of operating together, the image can be extended across the screen of the device. The speakers in the device can be used to play different channels of music. Apple’s camera and other sensors can be used in conjunction with each other. Apple also believes that magnetic software can fix devices in different directions. Some of the directions it describes are in line with the concept of a bendable device. Apple 5g will be launched in 2019 and it will support new applications. And a new appearance, so the iPhone did not bring us much surprise. In the future, only when they are placed tightly on the foldable or bendable cover, or AR and VR devices, while the g7 is There is no such attraction.
Apple’s New Patent Development Just recently, the US Patent and Trademark Office announced a new Apple patent that describes a device that uses hovering holograms to guide users to control their computers through gestures. The above-mentioned news about the application for design patents comes from the new patent granted to Apple announced by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Among the 67 new patents granted to Apple, including the design patent of the overall appearance of the James Wilson Theater, at the same time, This patent also covers the application of the exemplary system of wearable, rollable and foldable displays. Foreign media letgodogital broke the news. Wilson recently obtained a patent for a 16-camera matrix, using a 4 × 4 arrangement. More about Apple iPhone news Click on iSimu refurbished iPhone 6.

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