Apple’s new patent, wearable smart ring, is bursting with technology

Recently, Appleinsider reported that apple inc. recently obtained a patent for “extendable ring device” from the U.S. patent and trademark office.


According to the data, the smart ring device is dynamic in size and can be extended into a longer tube to cover more finger parts and knuckles.

Over the years, the wearable device is very hot, but common still is given priority to with intelligent hand ring, smart watches, the intelligence of apple ring can be a very creative new ideas, by contrast, intelligent ring more light than smart bracelets, watches, small, for the existing intelligent device will have a major breakthrough.


It is reported that the smart ring is mainly used to control other smart devices such as mobile phones, computers, earphones, etc., and it also has the function of collecting collective sense data (such as blood oxygen, blood pressure, movement trajectory, body posture, etc.), which can replace the functions of most smart bracelets and watches.

In addition, the smaller size means less power consumption, but it also means the battery size is limited, so power consumption and battery life of the smart ring can still be a challenge.


With the advent of 5G, the world will enter the era of Internet of things, and all major smartphone manufacturers begin to pay attention to the development of wearable smart devices, which will bring us a more convenient life. We are looking forward to the day when apple’s smart ring is launched. used Samsung Galaxy S7

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