Apple smart ring patents exposed! Cover your entire finger to control a variety of devices

According to foreign media reports, according to foreign media reports, Apple Inc. won a patent entitled “Expandable Ring Device” granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, saying that the size of the smart ring may not be static, and the ring can be expanded into A longer tube, which can cover more fingers, including some knuckles.
In fact, as early as October 2019, Apple obtained a patent for “devices, methods, and user interfaces for wearable electronic ring computing devices.” A few days ago, Apple obtained the “Expandable Ring Device” patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Apple proposes to use the smart ring to control other devices, such as replacing force feedback gloves or replacing haptic feedback systems in smartphones to save battery. But there are also size issues that prevent users from precisely controlling them.
Judging from the exposed design drawings, Apple’s smart ring can be extended into a longer tube to cover more fingers in addition to being worn like a normal ring, which also indicates that Apple’s smart ring will be There are more features.
In the latest patent document, Apple made it clear that smart rings will be used to control other devices. With various sensor units on the ring case, the ring can collect user information to complete various operations.
However, according to Apple’s patent last year, Apple’s smart ring also has a touch screen, processor, microphone and NFC functions, which also reflects that this ring may also complete tasks such as making calls and mobile payments, which is almost equivalent A small Apple Watch. Later, it was reported that Apple’s smart ring could assist AR or VR devices to detect user actions. If the news is true, smart rings will be disruptive products.
In September last year, Amazon launched its own smart ring product. Although it is not on sale, it also indicates that competition is in the smart ring field. Used iPhone 6 price in Kenya

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