Apple Pencil new in iOS 14

On March 10th, according to MacRumors, Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 system may add a new feature called PencilKit, which allows users to use Apple Pencil for handwriting input in text boxes on any page of the device. It should be noted that this function does not refer to sending handwritten fonts directly. After you finish handwriting, the system will automatically convert the handwritten text into standard text and output it to the text box.
Apple Pencil application scenarios
According to reports, PencilKit function can be used in messages, calendars, emails and other applications on Apple devices. Users only need to tap the text box with Apple Pencil lightly, and a handwriting window will pop up for users to input content by hand. In addition, the news pointed out that not only Apple’s built-in applications can use the PencilKit function, third-party applications also support the use of this function. However, there is no exact word to confirm that Apple will launch this feature in the official version of iOS 14, or it may have only undergone initial testing.
Apple Pencil
Regardless of when the PencilKit feature will be unveiled, this feature can really improve the text input efficiency of Apple devices. Whether you’re chatting on an Apple device or working in the office, simpler typing can make people more willing to use the device. Although in this age of rapid technological development, people seem to be more accustomed to using the keyboard or voice to enter text but isn’t it a good experience to occasionally use handwriting to enter content? used iPhone 6 price in Kenya

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